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Oh Sew Sweet Boutique turns from store to more | Local news

Owners Alaina and Cody Scott wanted to give back and help those in need, the best way they know how, through “free shopping”.

The family owned boutique, “Oh Sew Sweet”, located at 210 East Arch St. in Madisonville just opened on September 23, 2021, and even three months later, it completely remodeled the interior to make room for all donations and purchases. articles to help local communities and those devastated by tornadoes and storms on December 10.

When you walk into the shop, you’ll notice that it’s now a tornado rescue center, filled with tables and shelves with notice boards showing gender-specific sizes, styles, and items. . According to the Scotts, people came all weekend “for free shopping” to pick up items if they needed them or if they were going to take them to those who needed them.

“It took us four months to build the store,” said co-owner Cody Scott, “and in four hours on Saturday we literally took everything off the walls, pulled out tables and shelves, and some friends and some people we I didn’t even know he was eager to help.

The community rallied and showed up every day to ask how they can help. People dropped off pre-made emergency bags filled with toiletries, toothpaste and brushes, deodorant, lotion, balm stick, pain relievers, socks, shoes, jackets, clothing, diapers, baby items and more. Local farmers have reached out to see how they can help, and they will be collecting items to drop off later this week.

The store started out as a strictly online store, so the network the Scots have in the digital world is huge. Stores and customers in the south have contacted to see how they too can help.

“We have stores in Georgia and Texas that send supplies,” said co-owner Alaina Scott. “They’ve been there, they’ve been there, when it comes to disaster relief. They know what it is and they want to help us.

Trying to cover all the bases, the volunteers and family members of the Monday store took the time to organize, sort and tag all of the items dropped off and purchased. Once things are sorted, they will be taken to the larger centers to disperse as needed.

While you shop or drop off donations, the “Cross Eyed Barbecue” will be on site today from 9 am until food runs out. The owner, Charles Brown and helpers Nyee M. Peyton and Iajuan McAdoo will distribute free food. While donations are appreciated, they are not necessary. The barbecue items will be burgers, sausages, hot dogs, pork chops and chicken wings.

The Scots, originally from Earlington and St. Charles, wanted to give back to the community that holds such a special place in their hearts. The store is their only source of income, but they know what they do is worth more. If you want to support their business the store website is still up and running, please check them out at ohsewsweetboutique.com.