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Onondaga Co. Dems File Official Complaint Over District Maps

Onondaga County Democrats are heading to litigation to stop the recently approved legislative district map from moving forward.

At a press conference on Thursday, party leaders announced they were filing a formal complaint in the state Supreme Court to stop the cards from being implemented next year.

After controversial drafting, the maps passed last year by a 9-8 vote and were soon after signed into law by County Executive Ryan McMahon.

Months later, Democrats say they are violating the county charter, state constitution and state redistricting guidelines law.

Democrats say that could have been avoided had Republicans agreed to an independent redistricting commission instead of an advisory committee, in what they say was a rushed process.

“This process was originally designed to put in place a partisan gerrymander to ensure a Republican minority government in the County Legislature. And our experts that we feature in our debates will show that,” said Dustin Czarny, Onondaga County Democratic Elections Commissioner.

Republican Speaker and Onondaga County Legislative Chairman Jim Rowley said they knew it was coming, but is now asking why it took Democrats so long to file.

He also referred to the past controversial vote on the aquarium and an upcoming budget vote, saying it could be more controversial without collaboration.