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Opening of a family grocery store to share the fruits of labor

MILWAUKEE—A Wisconsin family is opening a new grocery store in Milwaukee. This new location was built to have a substantial impact on the surrounding community that was previously in a food wasteland without this location.

Open the doors of Sherman Park Grocery is a dream come true for the owner, Maurice Wince.

“We’re going to build a community here, we’re not just a grocery store. We are a community,” said Maurice Wince.

The store has been under construction for nearly five years. It was a labor of love with many local leaders and community members stepping up. The store is now open to the local community.

“For so long, we haven’t had access to fresh fruits and vegetables to fight high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol. Eating healthy with our children is a strong point for us in our community,” said Maurice Wince.

There are about 12 food deserts in all of Milwaukee, but with the addition of this grocery store, that number drops to 11. It’s something Maurice Wince’s daughter said she’s extremely proud of.

“It feels fulfilling and loopy to really support the families who work so hard day and night and just having access shouldn’t be a need we should be filling, but we are blessed and lucky to be able to walk on these tracks. “said Marquisa Wince.

The store takes an innovative approach by growing its own products to sell. He has partnered with Fork Farms which uses hydroponics to grow fresh food indoors.

The grocery store has also partnered with Upstart Kitchen so young people can get involved and make their own products to sell on the shelves. This is a full circle time for homeowners to be able to tackle so many issues in their local community.