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Parents of Farragut High School student file school harassment complaint

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) — The parents of a Farragut High School student filed a lawsuit Thursday, claiming their son was molested and not helped by authority figures at school.

Knox County, the school board, the school principal, two school resource officers and a deputy from the sheriff’s office were named as defendants in the documents.

The parents, Brent and Monica Pelusio, said their son was assaulted by a group of five of the “favoured, unpunished, unruly, unreported and protected athletes” on September 14, 2021, according to a court document.

“During the assault, [the minor] was hit and kicked repeatedly, including in the head and face,” the report said. “There is a video of the incident which is in the possession of the complainants and which however has not been recorded by the school.”

Documents claim the school was made aware of the incident the following day, at which time they told the Pelusios that the children accused of beating their child was a “known issue” and that they would take action.

The same day, the parents arrived at the school to pick up their son; however, they saw him surrounded by about ten “hooligans, favorite athletics and scions,” according to the document.

“The crowd of school board-approved hooligans were shouting at [the minor]; said group including many assailants from the day before,” the prosecution filing states.

During the incident, the parents claimed in the lawsuit that a school resource officer did not act at first but sprayed their child with pepper spray once he tried to defend himself from the assault. .

As a result, the child and the parents were arrested and loaded. No member of the group has been charged in connection with the incident, according to the documents.

The charge against the child was dismissed, the filing said.

The Pelusios sought $5 million in damages, plus court costs.