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Parties request time to file objections in Shringar Gauri case | India News

VARANASI: Lawyers for both sides in the Gyanvapi-Shringar Gauri case said on Saturday they would not be able to file objections on May 31 because they have not received photos and video footage from the inquest videographic commissioned by the court of the Gyanvapi premises of the mosque.
Abhay Nath Yadav, the lawyer for the management committee of the Gyanvapi mosque, Anjuman Intejamia Masajid (OBJECTIVE) and the petitioners’ lawyer, Subhash Nandan Chaturvedi, said that it had become necessary for them to request an extension of the date for filing objections to the investigation, and that the objections could only be prepared by examining the visual facts, they said.
Yadav said arguments by his team of AIM defenders on the maintainability of the case would continue on Monday.
The attorneys said the district judge’s court staff, citing technical reasons, expressed an inability to release the CDs of the photos and video footage on Friday. “As the court is closed on Saturday and Sunday, the process of receiving CDs… will be restarted on Monday. More time will also be requested from the court to file objections,” Chaturvedi said.
In addition, an AIM lawyer, Rayees Ahmed Ansari, had filed a request Friday in the district judge’s court asking that the CDs be turned over to lawyers for both parties with instructions that they not be made public by anyone.
Previously, copies of images and photographs from the court-mandated Gyanvapi investigation could not be delivered to litigants on May 25 as the number of applicants had increased significantly.
The court-mandated inquest took place between May 6 and May 16.