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Pb polls: SSM candidates will submit applications on Monday

Sanyukt Samaj Morcha leader Prem Singh Bhangu said on Sunday that his party’s candidates for the Feb. 20 Punjab Assembly elections would submit their candidacies on Monday.

His statement came after the SSM, a political group of farmers, failed to register with the Election Commission of India as a political party and also failed to obtain a symbol. common for the candidates of their party.

“Our applicants will submit their application documents on Monday,” Bhangu said.

Another party leader said he demanded a common symbol for all candidates, but whether they get it remains to be seen. In particular, the forms of candidature can be deposited until February 1st.

The various farmers’ organizations in Punjab who had taken part in the agitation against the Centre’s three now repealed Farm Bills and launched their political front are contesting the state assembly elections in alliance with the leader of the Haryana BKU (Chaduni), Gurnam Singh Chaduni, led by Sanyukt Sangharsh party. .

Chaduni’s party is vying for 10 seats while the SSM will compete for the remaining 107 seats in the 117-member Punjab assembly.

The SSM leader said they have not yet received a response from ECI regarding the registration for their outfit.

Bhangu said that all the objections that the ECI had raised in the application form for registration of the SSM as a political party had been rectified and the form had been resubmitted.

The ECI had raised objections to the SSM’s income statements and proof of address in the organization’s application form for registration as a political party.

The SSM had also searched for “tractor” or “tractor-carriage” as a survey symbol with the ECI.

The SSM has already declared 112 candidates to fight against the legislative elections next month.

Voting for the Punjab assembly ballots will take place on February 20 and counting will take place on March 10.

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