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Pete Davidson reportedly faced security issues over recent Kanye West comments

At Saturday Night Live, Pete Davidson is usually the one behind the wheel when it comes to poking fun at public figures and their way of life with jokes. His self-deprecating humor means he himself is fair game. However, the 28-year-old has recently been the target of (slightly harsher) criticism from none other than Kanye West – Kim Kardashian’s future ex-husband, whom Davidson has now finally called his own. -girlfriend. Supposedly, the actor faced safety issues following West’s comments.

The “Flashing Lights” rapper has actually been very candid about the SNL alum. Not only did he insinuate that the comedian was the real reason security blocked him from entering Kim Kardashian’s house a few weeks ago, but he also claimed in a new piece that he was going to “beat Pete Davidson’s ass”.

In the midst of the drama, the suicide squad recently revealed he was moving away from his Staten Island roots to relocate to a place in Brooklyn. But a report from the New York Post now suggests the move has been delayed, directly because of the Kanye West hype. Media sources said:

Pete is still debating whether or not he should take the Brooklyn pad. The problem is security. This place has no doorman. He is also considering Chelsea. But there have been security issues, even [more] so after Kanye’s comments. So many people even show up at his mother’s house.

These must be the issues when dating Kim Kardashian and, by proxy, her ex. Pete Davidson reportedly found the plot about their dynamic very amusing. Kanye West clearly doesn’t — but then again, he doesn’t find much fun these days. This includes Billie Eilish making remarks about crowd safety, which Ye found offensive and threatening to quit the Coachella headliner.

In the four months since the first relationship between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, Kanye West has spoken much more about his personal affairs. He has admitted to several wrongdoings towards his ex-wife in the past. Yet, lately, he has harshly criticized her for the way their four children are being raised. The situation even prompted Kardashian to issue a public plea to stop commenting on their family to let the world know.

the old keeping up with the Kardashians The star also recently claimed that she knows the internet is blaming her and her family for a lot of things. And apparently his coping mechanism is to ignore them and put on his blinders. She swore she was going to make her 40s all around her, which obviously includes making plans for Valentine’s Day with her new pal despite all the internal issues.

Nonetheless, Kanye West still demands an apology from the infamous reality TV family. So it seems very likely that Pete Davidson won’t be receiving an apology anytime soon for alleged strangers showing up at his mother’s house.