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Poland, Denmark and Italy file interventions in ICJ inquiry into alleged Russian genocide in Ukraine – JURIST

The Republic of Poland, the Kingdom of Denmark and the Italian Republic Friday deposit statements of intervention before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the case of Ukraine v. Russian Federation. Human rights experts around the world have accused Genocide Russia during its invasion of Ukraine.

Below Article 63 of the Statute of the Court, States can intervene in the procedure if the result binds them. Additionally, aArticle 62 of the ICJ Statute provides that a state may seek to intervene in a contentious case if it “considers[s] that it has a legal interest likely to be affected by the decision rendered in this case.

In accordance with article 83 of the Rules of Court 1978, Ukraine and Russia are invited to submit written comments on France’s declaration of intervention. Due to these allegations, the ICC sent a team of 42 forensic experts and investigators to Ukraine to investigate.

Denmark in the stated press release that “by intervening in this case, it wishes to reaffirm this collective commitment to uphold the rights and obligations contained in the Convention, in particular by supporting the crucial role of the Court and by stressing that international co-operation is necessary to prevent, adjudicate and punish acts of genocide.

Poland in the confirmed press release that “the case would undermine the credibility of the Convention as a universal instrument to prohibit the most heinous crime of genocide if its authority could be abused by a State party without giving the victim of such abuse the opportunity to seize the courtyard”.

Italy in the underlined press releasethat the case “raises crucial questions concerning the interpretation and application of the Genocide Convention”, which contains “erga omnes obligations, which testify to the jus cogens character of the international norm on the prohibition of committing genocide”.

The Raoul Wallenberg Center for Human Rights has published a independent legal analysis Russian Violations of the Genocide Convention, in which the analysis of the ways in which Russia may be in violation of the 1948 Genocide Convention. So far, France, romania, Sweden, the United States of America, the UK, New Zealand, Germany, Lithuania and Latvia filed interventions in the case