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Police record warrant for accused mugger caught on camera

A warrant has been filed after a 67-year-old man was filmed being attacked near downtown Oklahoma City.

Timothy Davis told investigators he was walking down the street when he heard someone yell at him. Davis said when he turned to look, he saw Felix Ray Arndt, 36.

“The victim was just walking down the street when you see very clearly on the video that the suspect walks up to him and knocks him down,” said Sgt. Gary Knight. “Hits him several times, knocks him out, right in the middle of the road.

According to a sworn arrest warrant filed in Oklahoma County, Davis was walking near NW 11th and Robinson when he first heard Arndt. He took off his headphones and that’s when he saw him stop his car and start insulting him for being on the road.

“They exchanged words and for some reason the driver got out,” Knight said.

Reports state that Arndt left twice and the last time he returned; he started hitting Davis. The affidavit also states that Davis was still recovering from a brain tumor that had been removed within the past six months.

Due to the incident, he was left with a broken nose which required corrective surgery. Investigators say Arndt left the scene in a red charger.

Police spoke with Arndt on the phone, and he confirms he was the individual in the video, but says he didn’t show the whole story.

At this time, Arndt has not been charged.