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Provide switchgear lithium energy storage system

Power Storage Solutions and Toshiba have designed a 125 VDC system to provide a true lithium-ion option for safety critical applications in petrochemical and utility plants.

Proven 10-year-old technology uses lithium titanium oxide (LTO) in its anode to achieve excellent characteristics including safety, long life, low temperature performance, fast charging , high input/output power and large effective capacity.

Petrochemical and utility companies have long depended on proven lead-acid battery technology. Lead-acid has provided safe and reliable energy sources for over 50 years, but not without drawbacks. To get the most out of a lead-acid system, the owner should perform routine maintenance and regular testing to ensure the batteries’ long-term health and performance. There are other safety-related issues, such as hydrogen gassing, “dead” space with separate environmental controls, and acid spills, that companies have had to deal with over the lifetime of their lead acid batteries. However, a better solution for consistent and reliable switchgear control for DC power was not available until recently.

Over the past 10 years, there has been a lot of development in lithium-ion battery technology. The first lithium-ion power solutions introduced were unable to meet the safety and reliability requirements of the petrochemical industry and utilities. These early failures slowed acceptance of the use of lithium batteries in safety-critical environments.

“We set out to design the safest energy storage system we could have used for the petrochemical industry,” said Jerry Estes of Power Storage Solutions. LTO technology eliminates gassing associated with lead-acid, while the unique chemistry solves potential thermal issues that can occur with other lithium-ion chemistries. The key is that the LTO material changes from conductor to insulator when exposed to a short circuit event, protecting the battery from thermal runaway. The LTO chemistry itself serves as an important first line of short circuit protection, complemented by the Battery Management System (BMS) which protects against overcharging and other hazards. This unique chemistry is what led Power Storage Solutions to choose to work with Toshiba.

“We knew the LTO battery chemistry was perfect for this application. Power Storage Solutions brought industry knowledge – the perfect petrochemical partner – and all of our engineers worked for two years to design the best solution,” said Greg Mack, President of Toshiba. The process has led to several breakthroughs, providing multiple benefits over traditional lead-acid, such as increased cycle time, overall footprint savings, easy maintenance, and real-time monitoring.

During proof-of-concept testing, it was noted that only a small degree of capacity degradation occurs, even after over 20,000 charge and discharge cycles. Under typical load profiles, this equates to a service life of over 25 years.

The LTO energy storage system comes in a 24 inch wide seismic rack mount configuration. When comparing an equivalent lead-acid system, lead-acid requires over 84 inches of wall space, plus spill containment for the acid and a venting system for off-gases. There is no concern for hydrogen gas emissions, eliminating the need for hydrogen monitors and ventilation systems. The system is enclosed in seismic certified cabinets which are UL 9450 approved, providing closed and protected electrical connections.

The BMS increases battery maintenance. Being able to diagnose problems in real time improves the efficiency of maintenance programs. The LTO is designed to be “hands-off”, requiring only minimal annual checks to ensure that no physical damage has occurred. The BMS also optimizes the performance of the LTO energy storage system.

Power Storage Solutions now offers a 125V LTO energy storage system for switchgear in the petrochemical and utility industries. If you would like to learn more about the long life, high charge rates, small footprint, low maintenance and environmentally friendly solution, contact Power Storage Solutions.

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