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Republican candidates apply for the March primary | News

Nominations for the March 2022 primary elections ended on Monday with several local Republican candidates. Contested races have emerged for Districts 2 and 4 of Navarro County Commissioner, Justice of the Peace PCT. 4 and the unexpired tenure of County Constable Pct. 2.

James Olsen, PCT Commissioner. 4, announced that he would not seek re-election and the PCT justice of the peace. 4 Connie Hickman plans to retire at the end of her current term. Following the death of Agent Pct. 2 Raychaun Ballard, Dan Williams has been appointed to fill the position.

Running to represent PCT. 4 on the Navarro County Court Commissioners are David Brewer, Terry Brooks, Bill Gowan, Tommy Montgomery, Cody C. Muldner, John Paul Plemons and Anthony (Tony) Watson.

According to the Secretary of State’s filing information, Brewer is a retired school administrator, Brooks is a Navarro County Sheriff’s Deputy, Gowan is a rancher, Montgomery is a small business owner, Plemons is a self-employed, Muldner is a construction manager, and Watson is a retired military man.

Ricky Grantham, retired from the United States military, will challenge incumbent Eddie Perry for Pct. 2 County commissioner.

Competing for Justice of the Peace PCT. 4 are John V. Cabano, a retired state soldier, Lisa Clay, assistant auditor, and Shane Richards, who works in law enforcement.

David L. Foreman will challenge current agent Pct. 2 Dan Williams. Foreman is listed as self-employed and Williams works in law enforcement.

Republican primary candidates include:

Navarro County Judge: HM Davenport, Incumbent

District Clerk: Joshua B. Tackett, Incumbent

County Clerk: Sherry Dowd, Incumbent

County Treasurer: Ryan Douglas, Incumbent

PCT County Commissioner. 2:

Ricky grantham

Eddie Perry, incumbent

PCT County Commissioner. 4:

David Brewer

Terry brooks

Bill gowan

Tommy Montgomery

Cody C. Muldner

Jean-Paul Plemons

Anthony (Tony) Watson

Justice of the Peace PCT. 1: Greta Jordan, holder

Justice of the Peace PCT. 2: Darrell R. Waller, incumbent

Justice of the Peace PCT. 3: Jackie Freeland, holder

Justice of the Peace PCT. 4:

John V. Cabano

Lisa Clay

Shane richards

Constable of the County PCT. 2, mandate not expired:

David L. Foreman

Dan Williams, incumbent

Republican Party County Chairman: Steven L. Jessup

Presidents of the City of the Republican Party:

Deborah Wright, PCT. 103

James Sinclair, PCT. 104

Janice Barlow, PCT. 108

Kim Cobb, PCT. 109

Betty Partain, PCT. 203

Robert Buthod, PCT. 205

Teri Bates, PCT. 206

Bill Carson, PCT. 308

Dan Layne, PCT. 400

Linda Gober, PCT. 401

Erin Page, PCT. 403