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Review: Mimecast email security allows for easy integration

When ransomware attacks began targeting hospitals and schools a few years ago, cybercriminals found that payment was often made quickly. For hospitals, cyberattacks could compromise patient care. Thus, healthcare systems have come under scrutiny for their cyber vulnerabilities.

The main delivery method for ransomware is email. Healthcare systems depend on email, and workers are often too overwhelmed to scan their inboxes. Unfortunately, it only takes one person to open a malicious link to launch a successful attack.

The Mimecast Email Security platform was designed with this threat environment in mind. It’s a cloud-based service, so it can easily integrate with Office 365, Google Workspace, and most other email programs.

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Create safe zones with Mimecast

Once in place, Mimecast locks down emails and protects them in several ways so that even the most advanced and sneaky cyberattacks, such as phishing or commercial impersonation, cannot take place, even if a user falls into the trap. Indeed, Mimecast works in separate zones to stop even mixed threats.

First, Mimecast protects users at the perimeter using the Mimecast Gateway. When tested with Office 365 and Google Workspace, it blocked emails containing malicious attachments, spoofed domains, and other blended threats. It can even be responsible for protecting outgoing emails and preventing critical, confidential, or patient information from passing through email channels.

This perimeter security is extremely effective, but it is not enough on its own. Fortunately, Mimecast goes beyond a simple layer of protection. Even if a colleague has an email password stolen, Mimecast can detect when an attacker begins to use a compromised account to capture more data or launch an insider attack.

An email protection platform that offers ease and integration

Finally, an optional feature of the Mimecast service scans the Internet for fake websites that attempt to impersonate a healthcare facility. Mimecast can alert administrators to these sites and help them get them removed.

The Mimecast email protection platform is easy to use, integrates with almost any existing email service, and provides multiple layers of protection without requiring legions of in-house IT staff. It’s an elegant solution to an increasingly critical problem, and one that can prevent ransomware threats and cybercriminals from disrupting healthcare operations and threatening lives.


TYPE OF PRODUCT: Cloud-based email security platform
WALK WITH: Office 365, Exchange, Gmail, Mimecast portal, independent webmail platforms
MITIGATED THREATS: Ransomware, phishing, spoofing attacks, data leak protection, malicious attachments, others
BRAND PROTECTION: Prevents illegitimate mail from leaving the organization
SUPPLEMENTS: Integration of Threat Intelligence, large file transfer engine to keep email channel bandwidth free