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Ripton & Co. opens retail store and office space in Boulder

Ripton & Co., the active technical stretch denim brand, has opened a retail store and office in Boulder, CO.

“We are excited about the move to Boulder and the continued evolution of the Ripton brand,” said Elliot Wilkson-Ray, CEO and Founder of Ripton. “The opportunity to expand into an outdoors-oriented, culturally rich city with a strong sense of community while staying true to our Colorado roots is exactly what we’ve been looking for.”

The 3,700 square foot space houses the company’s storefront and office at 3048 Valmont Road.

“Ripton left Glenwood Springs to gain access to bigger markets, bigger spaces and great people who share the company’s vision and values,” said Maggie Zawalski, vice president of operations. of the company. “We are growing rapidly and Boulder is the perfect location for our new storefront and offices. It’s a more established market, and its proximity to an international airport, the mountains to the west, and all the surrounding communities will allow for increased operational efficiency in everything we do.

“Ripton is really taking off, and having a physical incubator store to see and interact with customers face-to-face is paramount to our success,” Wilkson-Ray said. Building a larger community and foundation is essential for the growth and development of the business, and we look forward to continuing our expansion and seeing what happens next.

Photo courtesy of Ripton & Co.