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Senate candidate Walker to run for US House – Carolina Journal

Former North Carolina Congressman Mark Walker to drop his candidacy for the US Senate and file for the newly drawn 7e District of Congress at the request and endorsement of former President Donald Trump, several sources confirm for the Carolina Journal.

The Carolina Journal reported in early November that Walker was receiving numerous calls urging him to change gears and instead try to return to the United States House.

“I am proud of my public service record and my accomplishments in support of conservative legislation in the United States House,” Walker told CJ at the time.

Walker served three terms in the House from 2015 to 2020, representing North Carolina’s 6th Congressional District, focused on the triad. He won an open competition in 2014 to replace longtime Republican congressman Howard Coble.

While on Capitol Hill, Walker became the youngest chairman of the Republican Study Committee, a coalition of conservative GOP caucus members.

When the court-ordered redistribution in 2019 turned the Walker district into a much more Democratic-friendly district, the outgoing president decided not to stand for re-election in 2020.

Walker has already represented much of the new 7e Congressional District, anchored in Guilford County but now comprising Alamance, Lee, Chatham, Davidson, Randolph and part of southwestern Wake County.

Walker has also represented parts of North Carolina’s new 7th Open Congressional District. He lives a few kilometers from the 7th arrondissement line. Members of the North Carolina congressional delegation do not have to reside in a congressional district to run for or represent it in Washington.

President Trump has urged Walker to drop his candidacy for the US Senate, in part to help his hand-picked candidate in the race for the US Senate, Congressman Ted Budd. There is no public poll or data to support the conclusion that Budd is better served with a two-man race against former Gov. Pat McCrory, rather than a three-way race including Walker, although Trump and those who are related to him believe him. Although President Trump has asked him to do so, Walker is not expected to endorse Representative Ted Budd in the race for the US Senate.

State Representative Jon Hardister R-Guilford, who was considering a Congressional candidacy, would not speak about Walker’s plans but said in an interview with CJ he would apply for his current seat at State House .

Former NC State football player Bo Hines previously indicated on his Twitter account that he planned to compete in the 7th Congressional District race in 2022, but CJ has learned that he is now planning to participate in the race based. at Johnston-Harnett-Cumberland 4e Congress District.