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September Google Play system updates add new features for Wear OS users

Two days of September, and already two updates

Earlier this year, Google started releasing all the changes it regularly makes through updates to the Google Play system. We saw the first September update rolling out yesterday, with improvements to Google Kids Space, account syncing, and account recovery. However, these releases aren’t strictly monthly, and it turns out we didn’t have to wait very long for the next one this time around. The latest Google Play system updates now look to improve how Android works with Wear OS, fixing some issues and introducing several small improvements.


Google Play system updates add features and quality of life changes to Android devices without the need to distribute a full Android update. This makes it a convenient way to roll out immediate changes that can’t wait for the next major Android release.

The revised changelog includes a host of smartwatch-related improvements, like easier finding of recommended apps in the Play Store for Wear OS. We are also seeing a new behavior where if you install an app on your wearable that requires a smartphone companion app, it will automatically download and install for you.

A new secondary menu in the Play Store on your phone will also highlight Wear OS apps you might be interested in, and Google mentions some additional tweaks to improve discovery across all apps. The rest of this update feels pretty standard, with Play Protect improvements and behind-the-scenes optimizations for speed and stability on the Play Store.

You can check for the latest Google Play system update by going to the Settings app on your Android device, tapping Security, and then selecting Google Play system update. Keep in mind that these updates are rolled out gradually, so they may not show up on your device right away.