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Shoe shop owner stabbed to death in Batla House store for cash in electronic wallet

A 58-year-old shoe shop owner is said to have been stabbed to death by two house painters inside his store at Batla House, after he saw he had 40,000 rupees in his Paytm wallet and decided to steal it, police said Tuesday.

According to police, the deceased, Islam Ahmad, had been stabbed several times and his phone had disappeared from the scene. Police then arrested the defendants, Mehraj Alam (32) and Taufiq (21), and charged them with robbery and murder.

A PCR call was made by Ahmad’s family in the early hours of Tuesday. According to police, he lived with his wife and son near the store. He was on his way home from work on Monday when the defendant called him and asked him to reopen the store.

“The painters had been working at the victim’s home on August 30. They saw that the man had a lot of money in his Paytm wallet and decided to steal the phone and assault him. Under the pretext of buying shoes, they called Ahmad to reopen the shop. The men then snatched his phone and stabbed him repeatedly,” an officer said.

DCP (South East) Esha Pandey said: “We had received a call at 00.20 from Batla House. When we arrived at the scene, Ahmad was found lying unconscious with stab wounds to his neck. He was rushed to the AIIMS trauma center, but doctors pronounced him dead on arrival.

A case was registered based on the complaint of his son, Sharique Islam, who also reported receiving a call at the time of the incident and being misled by a stranger. “The son said he was trying to find his father on Monday night and called him. A stranger picked up the phone and told him that Ahmad had had an accident near the airlift. The family was confused and was looking for Ahmad. Later they found him lying dead in his shop,” the officer added. Islam also spoke about the painters who had been working at their house recently.

Police put Ahmad’s phone under technical surveillance and began questioning local residents. The location of the phone was traced to Paharganj. “We didn’t have the exact location and raided over 180 hotels and lodges in the area. The painters were our suspects. We found them at a lodge and arrested them,” police said.

During questioning, the defendant revealed that while they were working at the victim’s home, they saw his phone and discovered the money. A few days later, they went to her store at night and asked her to reopen the store to buy shoes. “He reopened the store because he knew them but was stabbed and his phone was stolen. The accused later deceived the family to escape arrest. We recovered bloodstained clothes and a knife on their possession,” the DCP said.