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Skyroads lands $20 million order for SKYBOT-CAM system

sky roads HERa world leader in automated flight that builds digital routes in the sky, has received an initial order to deliver a $20 million order of SKYBOT-CAM systems to leading broadcast technology provider, Riedel Communications, in conjunction with SailGP Technologies.

Skyroads is creating a system that will allow fully automated passenger and cargo drones to fly over densely populated urban areas. The delivery of the “SKYBOT-CAM System” – which Skyroads is working on with Riedel Communications – is the first product iteration for Skyroads infrastructure in the sky that paves the way for cargo and passenger transport to take flight in the sky. over our cities.

The SKYBOT-CAM system will provide highly immersive next-generation broadcast imagery while improving the carbon footprint of SailGP events by replacing helicopters. The SKYBOT-CAM system combines high payload drones and professional gyro-stabilized camera systems with live video, audio and data downlinks. Skyroads will leverage its unique, secure and automated flight guidance system and multi-vehicle fleet orchestration potential to create new content and breakthrough quality of moving images at a cost comparable to that of a helicopter , while reducing carbon and noise emissions and thus increasing social acceptance.

The SKYBOT-CAM will be showcased at SailGP, which will be the first global event in the world to use the new technology. SailGP will facilitate and support functional testing of this innovative system, and after an initial SailGP-exclusive implementation in 2024, the SKYBOT-CAM will become available for all public events. The technology will be used with LiveLineFX, SailGP’s award-winning augmented reality.

Achim Kostron, CCO, Skyroads said“Our SKYBOT-CAM system is a great way to implement the first applications of our later aviation-type certified auto-flight system. We are excited to embark on this project with the most respected partners in their field. , Riedel and SailGP.

Warren Jones, Chief Technology Officer at SailGP, added: “Today’s professional airborne broadcast camera systems are primarily helicopter-based and require enormous organizational, technical and budgetary effort for a photographic platform which, although creating high quality images, does not is not viable in the long term.”

“SailGP Technologies stands for innovation in sustainable sports under the slogan ‘Better Sport – Better Future’ and it’s partnerships with forward-thinking companies like Riedel and Skyroads that allow us to achieve this.”

Riedel Group CEO and Founder Thomas Riedel said: “I am thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Skyroads and SailGP Technologies to take durability and safety to the next level, and deliver even more spectacular images of the pinnacle of sailing racing. This strategic partnership reflects our commitment and vision to improve innovation in order to create future-oriented formats, focusing on both environmental and safety aspects.

The SKYBOT-CAM system will further push the boundaries of sustainability and technical innovation for sports broadcasting and provides an ideal opportunity for Skyroads to implement, test and develop its air traffic management and vehicle guidance system for possibly transport people and heavy goods.