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Store supply chain issues as COVID-19 spreads massively.

GREENFIELD, MASS. (WWLP) – While supply chain issues have taken on many different forms over the past two years, they have become a constant problem during the pandemic. So much so that some companies are finding their own pace.

22News Reporter Kate Wilkinson was at our Franklin County office in Greenfield with how Christmas is already on the minds of a business.

351 days before Christmas, but the folks at Rustic Romance in Millers Falls said they’ve already placed their orders.

To be clear, they’re not the ones trying to skip every other vacation. In fact, if you look through the store, they are all decorated for Valentine’s Day.

Cindy Bayer, the owner, said buying things well in advance for Christmas, and any other holidays for that matter, ensures stores will be stocked.

“Well, I want to make sure my store is full and I have the products that my customers are buying, so I have to buy these things a year in advance and bring them in so that we can launch the next season. at the right time and we do that.

Bayer told 22News they would then wait for the supplies to arrive, whether they arrive on the expected delivery date or, in some cases, months later.

It’s something she did in anticipation of this most recent Christmas and she said they were able to keep their shelves full until Christmas Eve.