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Strawberries in a high-drainage pot system show improved root health

“With the HS Evolution Pot system, the grower will immediately notice the improvements. It’s cleaner and therefore more productive. All this benefits the plants, and they can produce bigger and tastier strawberries,” says Antonio García, export manager at Hydroponic Systems.

In May 2022, Hydroponic Systems announced the launch of their brand new system, the HS Evolution Pot. The system consists of a metal gutter through which the excess solution circulates, a Spacer Pot which contains the substrate and the plants, and an outlet to complete the drainage process. The HS Evolution Pot system has been designed with greenhouse strawberry production in mind as its design has been optimized for drainage, keeping free water out of the root zone and reducing the risk of pathogen growth.

“By combining our gutters and spacers, growers can further isolate the roots from the drainage area and any harmful components within it, so the plants will always be healthier. In addition, the extra space provided by our system allows for greater aeration and oxygenation,” explains Antonio.

The HS Evolution Pot system can be adapted to any type of greenhouse and be installed with posts in the ground (i.e. the supported model) or suspended from the frame of the greenhouse (i.e. the suspended model). As Antonio explains, the two models are functionally identical and the only difference is in the preference of the producer.

The HS Evolution Pot system is said to be very durable and easy to maintain. At the end of the growing cycle, the grower only has to clean and disinfect the Spacer Pots before filling them and replanting them for the next cycle. By not using bagged substrates, the greenhouse can reduce its carbon footprint and avoid the disposal costs of these plastics. Additionally, the HS Evolution Pot system allows the grower to use whatever substrate formulation they prefer rather than limiting their options to the few bagged substrates available.

“Producers are trying to be more sustainable by consuming fewer resources. That’s why we saw that a cultivation system that didn’t use bags of substrate was a good idea and would be very well accepted,” says Antonio. “This way, less plastic is consumed, and the producer can also save the cost of removing and disposing of them, as there is nothing to remove and dispose of.

Independent trials show a 3-5% increase in production
An earlier press release cited results from Centro Universitario Ceickor in Mexico, which reported a 3-5% increase in crop productivity with systems that combine the metal gutter with a Spacer, such as the new HS Evolution Pot. As Antonio explains, these results are not unique to the university, as some customers have conducted independent studies and found that Hydroponic Systems’ products allowed them to achieve yields of 3 lbs of strawberries ( Murano variety) per plant.

So far, HS Evolution Pot system has been well received all over the world. As Antonio explains, there is strong interest from major strawberry markets and developing markets such as Huelva (Spain), UK, France, Japan and other European countries.

Hydroponic Systems will be present at GreenTech Amsterdam, Fruit Focus in the UK, and the International Berry Fruit Congress in Spain. There, attendees can get a closer look at the HS Evolution pot system and meet the hydroponic systems team.

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