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Vape shop targeted for second time leaves shop owner worried about future

A Leicester shop owner said he and his staff feared what could happen after they were beaten by other thieves on their premises. Vape Kings UK/Vape Planet owner Rahul Dhingra has spoken out after his store was again hit by thieves, with the latest incident seeing a man loot £2,000 worth of disposable vape kits […]

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Cottageville Store Welcomes History Channel’s ‘American Pickers’ | News, Sports, Jobs

Lawrence Otho “LO” Hunt opened a general store in Cottageville in the 1930s. His grandsons had the opportunity to film an episode of “American Pickers,” which airs at 9pm on Saturday January 8th. (Photo provided) The Hunt’s General Store operated in Cottageville from around the 1930s to 1989. The grandsons of the original owner and […]

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Radar system used to help detect dust storms, warn Arizona drivers

Radar to detect storms and warn drivers along I-10 in Arizona A high-tech warning system that aims to detect dust storms in Arizona and keep drivers safe along part of I-10 has much-needed support from the federal government. Reports from FOX weather reporter Max Gorden. PHOENIX – For drivers who have been caught in a […]

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Davis Health System Facing Capacity Issues | News, Sports, Jobs

ELKINS – Davis Health System is asking community residents to help ease the pressure on local emergency services. Davis Health System officials expect inpatient and emergency department beds to stay near or above capacity levels during the Christmas and New Years holidays, officials said. “Our emergency departments are averaging higher than normal volumes, and with […]

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Apple’s Swift Playgrounds 4 Lets Programmers Submit Apps to the App Store

Swift Playgrounds 4 teaches programming by letting coders command a character called Byte to do things like move around and collect gems. Screenshot by Stephen Shankland / CNET Apple on Wednesday released a major new version of Swift Playgrounds, its iPad and Mac app designed for teach kids its Swift programming language, which now allows […]

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School districts in northeast Michigan are working together for security and response. | News, Sports, Jobs

News photo by Barbara Woodham Lee Fitzpatrick, director of communications for Alpena Public Schools, uses his employee badge to open the door to Ella White Elementary School. NAFTA – To keep students safe and better prepared in the event of a crisis, several school districts in northeast Michigan have teamed up to collaborate on emergency […]

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Aldi’s new store opens in Haymarket this week

Discount grocer Aldi will open its new Washington-area store in Haymarket, Va. On December 9. Discount grocer Aldi will open its new Washington-area store in Haymarket, Va. On December 9. (Authorized by Aldi) Discount grocer Aldi will open its new DC store in Haymarket, Va. On December 9. The 6701 Lea Berry Way store is […]

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Does our immune system need to continue to evolve to cope with new variants of Covid-19

The Omicron variant of the coronavirus has been identified as a variant of concern by the World Health Organization. While it is not clear whether Omicron is more transmissible than other variants such as Delta, preliminary evidence from the WHO suggests that the virus in its new form may have a higher risk of re-infection. […]

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Murdaugh’s attorneys file motion to silence Satterfield’s attorney

Lawyers for disgraced Hampton County District Attorney Alex murdaugh filed a surprising and aggressive motion on Monday night asking for a gag order and other penalties against the lawyer Eric Bland, whose repeated calls for justice have been cited in the media since Bland began representing the family of the Murdaugh’s longtime late housekeeper, Gloria […]

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Unique cybersecurity application developed by a student at KL University

A group of students from KL Deemed-to-be University have developed a “cybersecurity app” that offers features such as online complaint filing, online internships, online consultation, and more. cyber alert The application is available in English and Telugu. This app is simple, convenient and absolutely crucial to ensuring its digital security, says the university. Dr Rahul […]