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Take action with the irrigation system check | Lifestyles

Activities in the garden will increase before too long, so even if there is still a little break in the calendar, it’s a good time to check your irrigation system to make sure it’s ready for another season. successful gardening.

Water is life when it comes to gardening, so it’s important that an automated watering system is in top condition. First, check all valve boxes for rodent nests and other debris.

Then perform a visual inspection of the sprinkler heads. Look for buds that may have broken off or become covered during the winter season. Make sure the heads are in good condition and remove any dirt and debris that might be blocking them. You’ll also want to make sure the heads are oriented correctly. The landscape does not benefit if the irrigation system waters the driveway instead of the lawn and garden.

The next step is to open the main water source and slowly fill the system. Be sure to leave all manual drain valves in the system open to allow air to escape when the pipes fill with water. Once water begins to flow from the valves, close them.

Once the valves are closed, turn on each station manually and walk around the yard to check for head leaks and make sure the heads are providing adequate coverage to their area and closing properly. If you find any problems, identify them and start doing the repairs yourself. If the problem is serious and you are unable to carry out the repairs on your own, do not hesitate to call in a professional.

Most of us don’t like to waste natural resources, especially those as precious as water. That’s why a rain sensor on the irrigation system is a good idea. Most systems are on a timer and turn on like clockwork. However, a rain sensor will turn off the system when it rains, reducing water waste.

The idea of ​​an irrigation system is to help the gardener with proper and efficient watering. It can be a waste of water and energy if your system is not running 100%. Performing a health check at the start of the gardening season is the first step to a successful season.