Owner security

Temple will pay landlords near campus to increase security

Days after another shooting near campus, Temple University announced a series of measures to improve student safety, including providing $2,500 grants to neighborhood property owners to improve safety. They can use the funding to install lights or cameras, according to a university announcement Wednesday.

While a recent survey found that most students – 81% – feel safe on campus, that number drops to 56% for those living in private accommodation. Parents have even hired local security to patrol neighborhoods near Temple where many students live, following the death of student Samuel Collington, who was shot dead near campus during an attempted robbery in November .

The Philadelphia Investigator reported that up to 10,000 students could live near campus.

Other efforts to increase security include relocating student volunteers to residence halls or helping students “find options to live in a private compound near campus well within the patrol borders of the university,” the statement said.

Temple also said he was making progress in hiring additional police officers on campus, noting that several applicants were undergoing background checks, while 113 were “pending review for police academy training.” A total of 10 new officers or trainees have joined the Temple Police Department since January.

Additionally, Temple said it has begun discussions to establish a neighborhood watch program, which will include “public safety ambassadors” patrolling areas near campus.

These new efforts come alongside previously announced initiatives, such as an audit of campus security services slated to begin this month; a recently launched Violence Reduction Task Force comprised of faculty, staff, students, parents and community members; and the introduction of the RAVE Temple Guardian personal safety app, which allows students to contact campus police and offers safe virtual walks, among other features.