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The AMA’s 10 Ways to Overhaul Medicare’s Physician Payment System

The American Medical Association endorsed 10 ways to reform Medicare’s physician payment system, in a June 3 website post.

Doctors are in the midst of a six-year payment freeze and, adjusted for inflation, payment to doctors has fallen 20% from 2001 to 2021, according to the association. The payment system is unsustainable, he said.

Here are the 10 principles he set out for lawmakers:

  1. Ensure financial stability by updating payments for practice cost inflation.
  2. Invest in physicians and physician-focused payment models for their ability to provide high-value care.
  3. Push collaboration, competition and patient choice over consolidation.
  4. Reward providers for the value of care versus administrative activities.
  5. Encourage innovation so that practices can be redesigned to improve care for all subsets of patients.
  6. Offer a variety of payment models tailored to different specialties and practice settings.
  7. Deliver timely and actionable data so physicians can analyze claims data and reduce avoidable costs.
  8. Recognize clinical data registries as a tool for improving the quality of care.
  9. Adjust payment models to address health disparities.
  10. Support small practices and large systems in rural and urban areas.