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The beloved “store cat” caught in the parking lot of a hardware store

GRANBY, Colo. (KUSA) – An Ace Hardware store in Colorado may be fully stocked, but the team says the store appears empty after their beloved “store cat” was pulled from the parking lot.

Even the staff at Country Ace Hardware in Granby find something unexpected in the aisles. For the past few years, a cat has been called Morris. He took care of a mouse problem and made the store his home.

“Morris is a big part of us,” said store floor supervisor Eric Villalon. “I don’t hear it in the morning, and it’s too quiet.”

Store owner Amy Kaplanis said people were entering the store looking for Morris. The cat was a beloved member of staff.

“He was known to be found right there, lying and basking in the warm glow of the lights,” COO Jason Weddingfeld said.

Every morning at 9 a.m. Morris would take a walk.

“He would walk out of the store, look around in the parking lot, turn around and come back,” Kaplanis said.

Last Tuesday, Morris took his usual morning walk. No one saw what security cameras captured until it was too late: Two people in a blue SUV grabbed the cat in the parking lot of a nearby restaurant and drove off.

“Somebody kidnapped him because we have the photo. We have the car. We have the video of them actually putting him in the car, so we know he’s with them… Maybe it was a mistake. They may have thought he was a stray. That’s fine. We just want Morris back,” Kaplanis said.

The store that normally has everything you need is now missing what cannot be replaced.

“It really feels like we’re missing a part of the team,” Kaplanis said.

The police are investigating the incident.

“We will get him back. That’s my greatest hope,” Villalon said.