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The director of the children’s cemetery allows the group to hold a session; Parents file a complaint

Dozens of parents were angry with a group of people who held a session at the Rusthof children’s cemetery in Leusden. The 42 parents filed a complaint against the group that held the meeting in September and the cemetery director for letting it pass.

Parents’ lawyer Jan Visscher said the revelation had a significant impact on parents. “They sleep extremely badly,” Visscher said. Relatives of the deceased children said the municipality did not answer all of their questions at a meeting held after the discovery.

The shoot was only revealed after a father stumbled upon a camera left near his child’s grave. Camera material showed a group of adults attempting to make contact with the dead near her child’s grave.

After an investigation by the mayor of Leusden Gerolf Bouwmeester, it was shown that the director of the cemetery had authorized the group to investigate the energy of those who died outside of the opening hours of the cemetery. The group had preferred to hold the session when there was no one else present.

Two of the parents have initiated summary proceedings against the municipality of Amersfoort to disclose the name of the group that held the session.