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Thousands File Gas Tax Refund Claims With MO Department of Revenue

We’ve all felt pain at the pump, but there’s a way to get some of that money back.

ST. LOUIS — You still have time to apply for a gas tax refund.

The Missouri Department of Revenue said that as of July 15, they had received 3,175 gas tax refund claims and had some tips for those preparing to file.

“Every little bit counts,” said pilot Chuck Vogelsang.

Vogelsang said he has been saving his gas receipts since October last year so he can get a gas tax refund.

“I usually fill it up twice a week and put them in a folder at home, then at the end of the month I calculate them all,” Vogelsang said.

Although for some it may be tedious, he said it was worth it.

“You can get anywhere from $14 to a couple hundred dollars and that could go towards more fuel, maybe putting food on the table,” Vogelsang said.

Vogelsang said he plans to file this weekend.

If you haven’t filed yet, the Missouri Department of Revenue wants people to be aware of some of the biggest mistakes they’ve seen in gas tax refund claims:

  • People filling out the wrong form, such as using the off-road form to claim fuel used for daily driving
  • Not including all required information
  • Multiplying the price they paid by the wrong number

The Missouri Department of Revenue said in a statement, “The best option is to file online using the MyTax Gate. If you use the form 4923-H, they must remember to include all required information such as VIN, make, model and year of vehicle, gallons exactly as on receipt, dates of purchase, full address of seller and multiply by 0.025. The Department would also like to remind consumers not to send us their receipts. Records of each purchase must be kept by the consumer and be available for inspection by the Ministry of Revenue for three years. Refunds are processed in the order in which they are received. If all the necessary information is provided, the Department is liable to pay interest on refunds after 45 days. Consumers can now submit a claim for any purchase made between October 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022.”

The founder of the No Mo Gas Tax App, which helps people file more easily by keeping track of fuel receipts and information, said she’s noticed many people have trouble interpreting the law .

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“I know a lot of people as simple as on-road vs. off-road miles, or vehicles. Some people think, well, I don’t drive on the freeway. So they think they have an off-road vehicle. It’s not,” said app founder Tammi Hilton.

Off-road vehicles are things like boats and tractors, not cars and trucks.

For those of you who think this doesn’t apply to you because you live in another state, Hilton said it doesn’t.

“If you don’t live in the state of Missouri, but you’re in the state of Missouri once a week, because you’re a truck driver or a commuter, you know, logistics, work for you- even by doing something, you can still file for that return. This really is a gas tax for people who buy gas in the state of Missouri,” Hilton said.

The Department of Revenue said you have until September 30 to file your case.