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Tom Telesco: I don’t think much about my job security

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Chargers general manager Tom Telesco’s ninth year ended without a playoff trip, making it seven times the Chargers failed to reach the playoffs during his tenure.

Telesco was asked why the team was usually absent from the playoffs during his tenure and said he was “not really concerned about years past” because he viewed this year as “a more early start. than anything else” due to head coach Brandon Staley. arrival. He called the year “an exciting start” for Staley with the team and that he likes the “identity” Staley has given the Chargers.

Exciting or not, the inability to qualify for the playoffs with a roster that includes the likes of quarterback Justin Herbert, defensive end Joey Bosa and wide receiver Keenan Allen has led to questions about whether Telesco felt in the hot seat before the 10th year. with the team.

“I don’t think much about job security,” Telesco said.

Telesco said he understands the outward frustration that the team misses the playoffs so often and he thinks they’ve been aggressive in trying to get the team to where it wants to go. He also said he doesn’t believe in ‘windows’ when it comes to making a run with the players listed above, but others may not feel the same if the third season of the career d’Herbert was going without a playoff berth.