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Twitch streamer DSKoopa tries to jump over his store counter and smashes it shortly after

IRL Twitch streamer Cody “DSKOopa” found himself in a peculiar situation after he considered jumping over a window in his store and ended up breaking it soon after.

Cody was having a relatively normal day running his retro game store, but things got worse when the streamer attempted the stunt. The situation immediately snowballed, with one of the glass shelves inside the display case shattering catastrophically.

Twitch streamer DSKoopa breaks his main store window live on stream

The 32-year-old Twitch content creator hosted his regular IRL livestream featuring him running his retro games store, Pink Gorilla Games.

The content creator had a typical day without any hitches. However, six hours into his show, Cody was talking about a new order he had received from a client. Out of nowhere, he floated the idea of ​​jumping over the main showcase in an attempt to entertain his viewers.

Initially, the streamer was afraid to break the display case and the shelves inside and said:

“I’m too scared to jump on it. But I’m 100% sure I could jump this. What if I break it? I’m pretty sure I can jump this.”

Cody’s colleague encouraged him and mentioned that he thought the streamer could easily make the jump. DSKoopa wasted no more time and attempted to demonstrate how he would go about the stunt.

(Time stamp: 06:09:25)

Seconds later, the Seattle native noticed that the screen’s sliding doors weren’t working properly, and upon investigation, he realized that the frame supporting it had broken. The colleague’s reaction was:

“See, he already broke it!”

Cody tried to fix the broken slider but ended up breaking one of the glass shelves inside the display case, causing all the valuables to fall out.

DSKOopa took to the camera and showed viewers the extent of the damage he had caused. The streamer regretted his decision and started fixing the broken storefront.

Fans react to streamer smashing glass shelf in game store

The streamer’s Twitch chat went wild as soon as fans saw him smash the store’s counter.

Twitch chat reacts to streamer's shenanigans (Images via DSKOopa/Twitch chat)
Twitch chat reacts to streamer’s shenanigans (Images via DSKOopa/Twitch chat)

It wasn’t the first time the streamer had smashed things on camera. Last month (May 8), Cody was pulling a $300 Nintendo 64 off a shelf and accidentally dropping it.

This resulted in the box of the retro game console being crumpled up and the streamer offering the buyer a $50 discount for the damage.

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