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UFC: Jake Paul proposes a new bonus system at the UFC

Jhe young mixed martial arts fighter aims to look after the interests of those who frequently enter the octagon in the hope of making a fortune at the expense of their integrity.

His goal is to pressure Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) head Dana White to increase the purse he gives them at each event from $450,000 to $600,000.

The Rebellion at the Gate

The new scheme proposed by Paul is that the winners of each fight receive a bonus of $50,000. However, this is against UFC rules, which state that only certain people can access this amount, as well as those who excel in what is called the so-called fight of the night.

“Idea: Commit $50,000 bonus for each winner / $600,000 per UFC event. 45 events, 12 fights, total payout $27M (2.7% rev). If winner doesn’t deserve it / boring fight, spread the $50,000 over that’s what to do on the map. More exciting fights, more pay. Good idea?” he said recently.

In addition, the young Ohio native is proposing that UFC fighters receive a minimum purse of $50,000 per fight and receive 50% of the profits from each card, but also that they be guaranteed medical treatment at long term once they retire from combat.

uncomfortable proposal

Last week, UFC owner Ari Emanuel rejected Paul’s proposals on the grounds that the salaries offered by his organization are adequate.

“I’m not going to comment on that. I think we’ve done very well in terms of getting fighters paid,” he told various media outlets.