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Vodafone Cash customers must complain to NTRA: Communications Minister

Egypt’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Amr Talaat, reacted to the Vodafone Cash customer crisis, saying customers who lost their funds should file a complaint with the the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

The Vodafone Cash system experienced a failure which resulted in many Vodafone customers losing their funds and removing their balances from Vodafone Cash wallets.

Customers whose money has been withdrawn due to the failure of the company’s electronic system must file a complaint with the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, so that the agency can investigate the complaints and return the money. to customers, Talaat said.

Official Vodafone sources have confirmed that the Vodafone Cash system has been disrupted, adding that the company is addressing the issue.

The sources added that a malfunction has occurred in the Vodafone Cash system, similar to that which occurs in banks, and all transfers are being reviewed one by one, to resolve the issue.

Many Vodafone customers in Egypt have complained that they suffered financial losses following a disruption of the Vodafone Cash system.

The company’s customers have clarified, via Facebook, that the Vodafone Cash service does not display messages confirming the transfer of funds, although the money is withdrawn from their wallet and reaches the person to whom it is sent.

While other customers said that the entire funds were withdrawn from their Vodafone Cash wallets when transferring a specific amount of money to other people.

Other customers said that 1,000 LE was withdrawn without the customer transferring it.