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Yakima Union Gospel Mission’s Lighthouse Thrift Store to Relocate | Local

The recent closing sale of used items at Union Gospel Mission’s Lighthouse Thrift store marked the end of 86 years of community outreach for its downtown Yakima location.

This long legacy of helping the community through UGM programs will be recognized at 3 p.m. Sunday at a celebratory ceremony to mark the final days of operation at the mission’s original location, 15 S. Front St.

“For 22 years, Lighthouse Thrift – formerly Ye Olde Lighthouse Shoppe – has helped generate income to support the life-changing work of Yakima Union Gospel Mission,” said Mary Broussard, vice president of community engagement at the Yakima Union Gospel Mission. ‘UGM.

“God has cared for the ‘least of them’ – the homeless, drug addicts and wounded of Yakima – through the work of the Mission for 86 years,” she added.

Sunday’s ceremony will be a time of worship, story-sharing and prayer, Broussard said. The public is invited to attend.

The property at 15 S. Front St. began serving meals and offering chapel services to Yakima residents in 1936, amid the struggles of the Great Depression. It housed recovery programs and a dormitory for people experiencing homelessness, the UGM website states.

“In 1936, job loss, bankruptcy, and the threat of starvation drove many across the Yakima Valley into despair and alcohol abuse,” according to a UGM press release. “Recognizing the need to bring hope and recovery to people frequenting Front Street taverns, the faith community stepped in to meet a need and started the Union Gospel Mission.”

In the 1970s, the mission expanded into adjacent buildings near the Front Street site to provide a family refuge and dental clinic. UGM moved to its current location at 1300 N. First St. in the 1990s after a fire destroyed the property originally intended for Mission expansion, the news release said.

In 2000, after using the Front Street location for a yard sale to generate revenue from excess warehouse donations, the MGU board approved renovations to the old Mission location. into a retail space for the sale of used items.

Since then, two more thrift stores – at 2011 W. Lincoln Ave. and at 5606 Summitview Ave. – have opened to accept donations from the community and resell many of them to generate funds for UGM’s outreach programs.

Broussard said maintenance and repair needs exceed what can be wisely invested at the Front Street site, leading to the difficult decision to relocate Lighthouse Thrift.

A wrap-up sale was held May 13-14, and any remaining items will be provided to UGM customers in need, or donated to agencies such as the American Red Cross or Rod’s House as needed. emergency, Broussard said.

“We are currently reviewing a lease agreement for retail space,” Broussard said of the new Lighthouse Thrift site. “Our goal is to keep it in the 98901 postcode since our other stores already serve our West Valley neighbors. Our target reopening date is July 1. »